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August 10, 2013 / lasseathome

Information on temperature logging with Raspberry Pi, Telldus.

This is a compilation of links and facts that I collected while researching the Raspberry Pi, Tellstick Duo, and how to store temperature sensor information. As always it is mostly for myself and put into the open if someone else might find it useful. A good starting place to find information is at Telldus forum, and Raspberry Pi site.

Software for Linux:

  • telldus-core, Telldus drivers for a unix based system.
  • TelldusCenter, telldus-gui simple gui for configuring the devices.
  • remotestick-server, Python scripts that use telldus-core.
  • tellprox, Python scripts based on Remotestick server.
  • HomeAutomation, Web interface for TellStick. PHP and MySQL.
  • NexaHome, Java based system. Uses Telldus Center for configuration.
  • SwitchKing, C# or mono based software with iPhone app.
  • VSCP, Protocol for IoT and other things that support Tellstick.

Remote controllers:

  • Remote stick, Android based controller uses Telldus Live.
  • TellEvent, iOs application.

Temperature sensors:

For my own notes I have: Oregon Scientific and Viking sensor with display.


  • Compiling telldus-core from source on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Compiling and installing, a swedish blog with a good guide to installation of telldus-core and on a on R-Pi. (Only control no sensors.)

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