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December 26, 2013 / lasseathome

Music players on Raspberry Pi

List of players

I have been using squeezebox for a while and have several players but I would like to add a Raspberry Pi software player to the list. What I want is both to have individual and synchronized play in several rooms and since I have already invested in several squeezebox players this was the path forward. Now with the monitors (read TV) I do also in some cases want to have a media and video player that integrate with my squeezebox server and music. To make a decision on what platform to test and run I found several options around the web and to get some structure to my own thinking I compiled the following list with players, raspberry Pi distributions, and some facts about general frameworks for audio and video. As always I make it public for anyone to read in the hope that you will find it useful.


  • SqueezeSlave is a software music player that allows you to play misc steamed from Squeezebox Server and SqueezeNetwork.
  • Squeezelite is a small headless (no keyboard or display) squeezebox emulator for linux using alsa audio output.
  • SqueezePlay, SoftSqueeze – Software players, in my opinion these are old.


  • Pi MusicBox – Small distribution (about 1GB 2013-12-26) with spotify server based on Mopidy. Browser interface with MPD-client (Music Player Daemon). AirTunes/AirPlay streaming.
  • piCorePlayer – Minimalist RPi distribution with Squeezelite as player.
  • SqueezePlug – Distribution for RPi (and other) with media server and player.


  • Mopidy is a music server which can play music both from multiple sources, like your local hard drive, radio streams, and from Spotify and SoundCloud. Searches combines results from all music sources, and you can mix tracks from all sources in your play queue. Your playlists from Spotify or SoundCloud are also available for use.
  • MPD (Music Player Daemon). There are many MBD-clients that can control an MPD.

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